Get Matched With A Supervisor

Remote supervision allows you to work with a supervisor wherever and whenever is most convenient for you. All of our supervisors in our nationwide network of BCBAs are credentialed and vetted. Our BCBAs have a variety of experiences and backgrounds so you can find the supervisor that is the best fit for you.

Unrestricted hours provided
Group supervision available
Over 300,000 fieldwork experience hours supervised

Our platform has helped hundreds of trainees on their path to becoming a BCBA

Over 125 BCBAs in our network

We hire the top BCBA supervisor applicants. All supervisors are vetted and audited regularly by our admin team.



Explore our network of supervisors in the Supervision Marketplace. You can compare supervisors by experience, location, expertise and more. All of our supervisors are vetted before allowed into the Supervision Marketplace.


You may request to connect with any supervisor that interests you. The supervisor will see your profile and decide if they want to accept the connection. You can message the supervisors privately through our platform without exposing your personal contact information. This is a good opportunity to ask questions about the supervisor's approach to supervision and available meeting times.



Once you find your perfect match, it's time to start meeting. All of your meetings will be tracked in the Supervision Portal. That means your hours are tracked for you. No more guesswork.

You deserve a quality supervision experience

I know what's it's like to search and search for a position or someone to help achieve your hours, let alone try to find a mentor or professional network. Unfortunately, it is harder than I ever anticipated, but it doesn't need to be. The Supervision Marketplace was designed to help trainees make a connection with supervisors who are passionate about supervision and creating a high quality experience for new trainees. We hope that by creating a space to make connections and giving trainees and supervisors the tools to have a great supervised experience, we can continue to propel our field in a positive direction.

Lauren Nemer-Kaiser, MS, BCBA, LBA

Founder, Hoom House

We specialize in remote supervision services. We have established a network of best-in-class BCBAs to provide a variety of ABA expertise. Some supervisors are contracted by Hoom House and some are completely independent. All supervisors are vetted before they are allowed to provide services through the Supervision Marketplace.

We do our best to give back to the ABA community everyday. We provide affordable supervision programs for students and professionals who have difficulty obtaining the necessary supervision hours through their current employment or school program. Our BCBA will work with you to develop an individualized plan in order to develop your skills in preparation for the board exam. Our goal is to help you gain the skills to practice ethically. We are excited for the opportunity to help guide you in your learning experience!
Supervision starts at $35 per month
Browse the supervisor marketplace to find the supervisor that matches your budget.
- Pay only for your supervisor’s time
- You set the pace based on your fieldwork experience
- Pay-as-you-go or subscribe to a plan to save more
- Rates vary by supervisor

We have got you covered

The journey through supervision can be difficult and confusing. We will be with you every step of the way as you pursue your credentials.

Core Features

Our platform is designed to streamline the supervision process

Choose your supervisor

Access a global network of supervisors. You may even work with multiple supervisors at a time.

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Track your hours

Every meeting is tracked in the platform. No more tracking hours yourself. No more guesswork.

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Competency tracking

Measure your proficiency against the 5th Edition Task List

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Monthly experience forms

Autocomplete your experience forms in seconds. No file sharing required. You and your supervisor execute the form in the platform.

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Group supervision

Want to meet with other BCBA candidates? Group supervision is an opportunity to meet new people and typically save some money when compared to only individual supervision.

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Ongoing support

Support and guidance from our entire team; not just a supervisor. Exam prep.

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What will be the next step?

  • Intro call with lead BCBA
  • Match to supervisor
  • Start supervision

Start supervision quickly

The entire onboarding process usually takes about a week from intro call to finding your supervisor.

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Get your questions answered, quickly. Schedule a 15 minute call with our team. We will confirm our program is a good fit and answer any other questions you have.